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How do I enroll?

Candidates must contact us to start the enrollment process. We will interview you and help you get started. Once enrolled, you will be the first to hear about all our upcoming courses.

Do I need to be a pastor?

No, while the courses offered are part of our pastoral education, anyone (on the Canada Central COTN district) who is interested in a course may join in.

Are the courses all online?

Most courses are offered online through Zoom. There are some in-person or hybrid options when needed.

How do I register for a course?

Everyone enrolled in the DMTC receives emails from us about new courses. Course registration is also available on our upcoming courses page and link tree (from social media). Please note that only enrolled DMTC students may register for courses.

What if I need a specific course?

If you're on the path to a district license or ordination and need a specific course please contact us.

Does this count for clergy continuing education?

Members of the Nazarene clergy are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education each year.  Ordained clergy serving in the Church of the Nazarene in Ontario may take any DMTC course at no cost.  The hours spent in class can be counted towards your lifelong learning hours.

What is the Cost?

Each course is only $150 thanks to the generous support of the Canada Central District. 

How do I pay?

Fees will be paid by electronic transfer
Email for Payment 
Security Question: 
       Program of Study Answer: DMTC 
Please indicate which course you are paying for in the notes section. 

Do you make accomodations?

Every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations for students who have special physical or learning needs. If you require assistance please contact the Director for more information. You may be required to submit documentation from your health care provider so that a learning plan can be created and reasonable accommodations can be made. 

What are your academic policies?

For details on grading, attendance, and more please download our Student Handbook.

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