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Upcoming Courses

Here are all the details you need about our upcoming courses. 

If you wish to register for a course please email us.

Our courses are available for any ordained minister on Canada Central District for Lifelong Learning at no cost.

Online Class

Fall 2023

Christian Preaching I

Image by Melyna Valle
Coming Soon

Instructor: Dr. Lisa Outar-O'Shea

On Zoom
Tuesday Sept. 5  (7-10 PM)
Tuesday Sept. 12 (7-10 PM)
Tuesday Sept. 19 (7-10 PM)
Tuesday Sept. 26 (7-10 PM)
Tuesday Oct. 3 (7-10 PM)

IN-PERSON @ Rosewood
Sat. Oct. 14 (10 AM- 4 PM)


An introduction to homiletical principles and the practice of sermon preparation.


Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to:

1.    Prepare and preach sermons that are Biblically Based.

2.    Prepare and preach sermons that are Spirit Driven.

3.    Prepare and preach sermons that are Outcome Focused.

4.    Prepare and preach sermons that are Well Crafted.

5.    Prepare and preach sermons that are Communicated Effectively.

Please note only existing students of the DMTC can register for this course.

If you'd like to enroll click here.

Winter 2023

Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries

Kid Painting

Instructor: Rev. Rosalita Sorzano

Begins the week of October 30. 

Course end date is December 18.  

Details TBA

Coming Soon


A study of the role of Christian educational ministries in developing mature and healthy believers and congregations with a particular focus on the key leadership tasks of directing an effective educational ministry in a local congregation.


1.    Identify, understand, and implement critical elements of an educational ministry that enable a local church to lead its members to Christian maturity.

2.    Implement key principles and practices in leading an educational ministry to fulfill its purpose in a local church.

3.    Develop an organization that will facilitate effective educational ministry in the local church and in cooperative denominational programs of education.

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